Ulysses the cunning

I learnt how to read due to comic books and mythology books. For some reason I was fascinated by Ulysses character - the way Homer depicted him. Ulysses the cunning. Ulysses was a king, one of those who took part in the decade-long Trojan War - which he actively contributed to win, though he's most known for his ten-years long, adventurous, journey home to Ithaca. He's been away for twenty difficult years - two entire decades before he could reunite with his spouse and queen. But what most of the people don't know about him - is that after all this .. odyssey, precisely, he left again his island to never come back. Dante, describes him as a man whose finest mind and unquitable thirst for knowledge got him a place in Hell. Whether his destiny was already doomed, as some other authors claimed, I always found him without a true choice: Ulysses was enslaved by his own nature - leading him every time toward new horizons, regardless of what he left behind - and the pain he might cause. Ulysses, to me, ultimately represents the human nature in its purest and honest form, - doomed to constantly chase after something, no matter what - as Ulysses , just to change his mind once he gets there. But I guess I was never truly happy either.

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