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[ He would pull me out of my bed, put me on his knees and hold me tight and read Verne or Rimbaud or Carroll. In candlelight, we would read Dickens and Doyle. Salinger as well. I tell Ceri, this is most likely when my brain started to repress memories and wounds.

Then one day they had an argument, Mum was crying a lot that day and at one point came to my room and hugged me till night. We moved out of there shortly after, we moved to a smaller house and I never saw him again.

The first time I meet her, I tell Ceri this is just another story now. No need to worry about anything, really.

I tell her, I don't even read Rimbaud or Cervantes anymore, you know. ]

The whole process behind the concept of writing, I believe is very close to put all yourself and your own believes, the way you perceive reality, on paper. Though is fiction what I mainly enjoy, through the way we articulate our thinking process we also at the same time state our convictions and values.

My latest work took up, on and off, a couple of years, mostly due to long periods of inactivity in which I dedicated more time to study and learn about the subjects and being generally overwhelmed by whatever life had in mind.

A few things that I've mentioned or somehow addressed in Connections are more than ever crucial to the way we conduce ourselves in society.

- the true face of media and newspapers. - political correctness and the effect on language. - homophobia and the gender issue. - affiliation to groups and ideologies. - religion. of course.

If you managed to get your hands on one copy feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject or inbox me your personal opinion. Reviews are essential for any author's work and if you wish to support mine it'd much appreciated.

Take it easy, folks!

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