without condoning or condemning

I'll admit that's it's not really my style, giving a straight, strong opinion about such a significant topic, but since I've been reading way too many posts recently about it, here it comes.

since a few more artists recently committed suicide, I noticed a lot of talking on socials and all sort of people all bent on throwing their own truth upon the matter.

So since to me it's a relevant and recurring matter within my philosophy, I feel like I'd give my two cents. I'm gonna try to analyze suicide as clearly and as quickly as possible, without talking about depression specifically; because frankly it's such a wide subject for such a short space and plus I already wrote about it.

first things first: if we want to define suicide, we should start with its immediate consequence, as its very aim: death.

Now, without being to technical or anything, we know fuck all about it.

all we know, it's that as soon as your biological functions cease to work, you're in a state of death. you're dead. Your brain and your body won't respond any longer. That's all.

What's gonna happen after, that's still a mystery to everyone and arguably one the biggest mystery of this whole existence.

which you may argue is a sort of paradox, anyway. whatever.

and also, there's no doubt we're all gonna go there, at one point.

Let's not be hysterical about it and pretend it won't happen.

So maybe, if we want to make a big change in the way we think, we should start teaching kids that we don't know if death is good or bad, but yet, yes, it is scary and to be feared cause it's the negation of everything we know – life.

and that's it.

That'd be honest, a least, for a start.

all the speculations on what comes after, whether it's a fancy religious eschatology, or a scientific, philosophical, point of view, - then time will them what to believe.

once mature enough to develop their own personal point of view.

Now, being death the negation of life, suicide takes you away from what your life essentially is - may that be defined by family, friendships, or dreams,career and mostly the emotions you experience throughout this time-limited existence.

If your life is filled with pain and sufferance, physical and psychological, well, then you should be the one and only judge of it. You make the call. No one should have the right to tell you when to cash out, if anything your life is yours, and yours only.

Yet, it's also true that if your life includes family and generally people around you, interconnected with you through deep feelings, people you're friend with, that you've a meaningful relationship of any sort, - that's something that should make you think.

if anything, cause as you've got the right to end your own life, that still doesn't give you the right to ruin someone else life.

Pain should never be inflicted intentionally, it's a thing we've all learned too late and we all forget too often.

In the end, I think it all can be summed up with understanding that someone that commits suicide, has already been punished enough, doesn't need more judgments or arguments over his actions.

leave him alone.

he's gone now anyway.

What we can actually do, is trying to prevent suicides from happening.

not by condemning it or demonizing it. but simply by understanding that the main reason behind it is always pain, sometimes so extreme to a selfish breaking point.

let's start work on pain.

for a start.

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