'cause any addiction is a good addiction

I could lift double my own weight before I even got beard. I got into working out and fitness rather young and discovered later on that addictions are not necessarily what we are told. I realized soon that human beings are naturally programmed to repeat constantly whatever makes them feel better, whatever that is, in an endless repetitions of the same action over and over again. Food, love, drugs, sex, video games for Christ's sake, - we base our life on whatever gets us going through the day.

"But don't ask me why I did it. Or what I do for a living, it doesn't matter. Where I live. Who I am. None of these things make sense, without a purpose. A driven life. Because all it matters, is intangible. A dream. A need. An addiction[...] It doesn't really sound that bad, if you repeat it to yourself every morning."

"Somewhere along the line, just half-way through of me - being a skinny, constant, disappointment for my father, and me - being the disgrace of my family because one day they had to pick me up from the hospital and not from school, I can remember only one thing.

I want to be bigger.

I want to be better.

I want - people -, to need me."

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