I've always felt this incredible loneliness that no girl, friend or family can ever help with. it's that loneliness that is within us since the day we're born. it's our ultimate doom, where were are heading no matter what. you know what I'm talking about. yet, we pretend to forget in order to carry on one more day, every day, while enjoying what we can because it has to make sense, after all, right? it has to make sense. I mean, I really cannot see why I would give a shit about pretty much anything in this life, otherwise. but some days.. some days, the more i feel lonely, the more time I get to think. I think that creativity, yeah, that seems to work fine with loneliness, - that is what we should all do, be more creative when we feel lonely the most. buy a ticket to somewhere you've never heard before, paint a portrait of your dog, climb the biggest tree you can find, write an essay about shit. don't know. see if you can run after two days no sleep. whatever. just do stuff. don't let that loneliness be in vain. it's all a matter of time anyway. eventually, I suppose I would love to be creative even on my way out. until then, I'll try and keep myself busy with stuff to do. stay creative, peeps.

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