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"some people go 'oh, isn't the world a crazy place? and they're fine with that... and I'm like 'no, this is fucked up,.. this is really fucked up.. it's like the dark age of people.." [D.S} Throughout all this past week, I ended up discussing in a way or another whether you can joke about certain 'delicate' subjects. Now, I do have a strong opinion upon this matter, and it's true, - recently I find myself more and more drawn into the comedy world, sharp satire, controversial subjects, dark humor mostly, the darker the better. I mean, I can barely stand movies or Tv series, - and don't get me wrong, I've already binge watched most of what's around at present - but I see comedy as the ultimate philosophy. the cathartic power of laughing at someone else misadventures, people's dramas, politics that merges with sci-fi - it truly is the last defense line of rebellion toward what we consider insane and generally wrong with our society and our own behaviour. It's all is left in a world of increasing limitations and restrictions (but hey, it is for your own security, you dumb fuck!) - the right to point out at something and laugh about it acknowledging that is wrong and it shouldn't be that way. George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, they all read to me as great contemporary philosophers (bit of a stretch, I know) but really, what they actually do is make you question the world you live in and their meaningless rules. Is there really something that we can not joke about? that we should not be mentioning? now you know how I feel about it and where I stand.

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