Why I went #GREEN (or why you shouldn't be crying over spilt mil

Better article of this one have probably already been written on the subject. Many of them, I'm sure.

And with good reason, too.

So I won't be bothering you to death about Climate Change, the filthy Dairy Industry, what's about killing and eating another living creature and so on.

Greenhouse gases emissions produced by cattle-rearing and unsustainable fishing practice depleting our ocean stocks.

If you haven't figured it out already on your own - you've got the internet and sure you do know how to use it.

You won't be getting any of these widespread, as scary as annoying, eco-liberal, hippysh crap.

Though I sort of believe in it.

Though it's all true - whether you like it or not.

What I'm going to do is simply giving you an insight of what a young man mind should look like. So to speak.

You see, it's rather easy talk about overpopulation in a naive and simplicistic way, almost nostalgic – by the time my father grew up we jumped from 3bn to 6bn, breaching the 7th bn when I was still in high-school.

And truth be told, I'm definitely not a tree-hugger person, nor in the way you would expect me to be, - though I do enjoy nature and its spectacular view freely offered and unconsciously unnoticed almost every day.

You get to love the rain too, after all – once you live in a place where 70% humidity is solely another average day.

I guess my point is, - all this is just inevitable.

Anyone with a little brain would see that we don't have much longer. We- as a species- of course.

The World, what we like to call 'our planet', will be just fine without us, if not better.

It will continue its course till its natural conclusion, as we all do.

At the last stop, just before imploding, all will be pointless anyway – but you've got to find yourself busy in the meantime, don't you? (hey, it's a blog about existentialist philosophy you're reading, after all - what did you expect?)

So here we are, all living our super busy, super important and super special and utterly unique lives, - yet, all sharing the only planet (see: habitat, ecosystem, or

"a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment - a complex set of relationships and balance among the living resources, habitats.)

If you take a look from this point of view - going green is just an inevitable consequence.

No more than find yourself a job when you're running out of money.

I know we love to believe that we have a choice, and free will and whatnot. Yeah, well. whatever.

You don't just decide to swim, if you're drowning in the sea - you just do it. Your survival instinct kicks in.

So think about this next time.

Even if you don't care about animals. Even if you don't like green and nature. Even if you think you can't do without it - because 'oh my God, that's what I've been doing and eating all my life and bla bla bla. No, seriously.

Evolution doesn't really care about your culinary preferences.

Evolution doesn't have opinions at all, on the subject - it just does what it does best, - allowing only certain determined, suitable conditions to carve the next patterns.

As clean and renewable sources of energy will necessarily be the only likeable alternative in the net future - as if they already weren't.

So stop crying over the spilled milk - you don't and you won't need anymore that meaty steak to prove yourself a man - as I believe you no longer go hunt, or spark a fire by rubbing stones.

It's just another step in evolution.

So stop moaning so much about it and get over it.

* The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Greenpeace.

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