#INTI says YES !

INTI says YES ! In one of my recent travels I had the pleasure of coming across one of the best work of INTI - one of the greatest Graffiti Artist around. He has recently become the ambassador of South American STREET ART WORLDWIDE and his work can be seen dominating the skyline across walls in Belgium, USA, Slovakia, France, Lebanon, Spain, Germany, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Peru, Puerto Rico and - of course – Chile, where he is originally from. Later on a rather stimulating idea took place in my mind, and I started to think that it would be just great if I could use his work as a cover for my upcoming Collection of Stories "MODERN FELLOW" - work that I feel somehow perfectly translates in images this new generation I often write about. The idea grew so strong in me that I wouldn't consider any other possible cover. So I tried to get in touch with him in any way I could - and just when I was about to give up, he finally replied. And he said yes! "Modern fellow" is coming up - and it will feature one of his work on the cover! It's a great honor and privilege, and words cannot express my happiness for having one of those masterpieces on my book. Stay Tuned for more updates, peeps - and always look for Art wherever you go !!

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