#WHAT ABOUT TODAY? why we can no longer  be sad on socials

I recently wrote an article about how we're all going to have to learn how to live in this new reality made-up by our new virtual-social life as well as the old-fashioned-real life. One point more than anyone else deserves to be highlighted - the raising necessity of now showing only the best, successful side of our lives. It's true. There is not such a strong rule, of course, but the message in the background is clear. Facebook (as I like to refer to it as the brightest example - mostly due to its relevance and my personal preference over any other social platform) is more and more the place where our life shines. Where all the magic happens - and a miserable, lonely drink becomes a super-edited picture hashtag 'great chilling time' followed by variable rain of likes and shares and comments ( but who really wastes his time making meaningful comments anymore, anyway?). And we are all guilty, somehow, have not such misconception. We communicate through emoji, reactions, fancy emoticons, gif, tumbrl and more. So you see, -we are no longer allowed to be simply, naturally boring or bored, to be sad - which sometimes is the same - because the completion is too high. At stakes is our own personal life. And don't say you're not doing that, you're not competing - we all are. The minute you have a profile on some socials, you have to start doing everything is possible to be noticed. Engaging people. Make yourself news of the day for a certain number of followers. A new kind of freedom's given to us.. You get to pick what to show to the world of yourself. Which intellectual, funny, sexy side of your amazing personality will be liked today. As if it's not gonna end in an endless sequence of booty pics and deformed selfie-asshole- shaped mouths. Tight leggings and open-air boobs. Guys are not any better either, - abs is the new currency, look at that hot tattooed chap all (un)dressed in expensive ripped clothes. He must be someone. And then there is the political-type person ranting over everything (not that they do anything about it, don't get fooled). And there is the helpless, paradoxically romantic side of the huge (and constantly increasing) hookup, tinder-whore community.. Just give me a break. There is something about this all new concept of virtual life. There is more than we think - and new generations will prove it. Kids that will have to deal as soon as they're thrown into this world how to slide on an iPad and turn off your location app. So what s gonna be today? Happy face for an overpriced pumpkin-coffee snapshot? Celebrations for some meaningless achievement that back in the day you wouldn't even dare tell your sister? Bragging a bit about your lovely-extra-caring hubby that got you flowers for no reason ( not that you really need them anyway, just tweet about it and share it on Instagram - where the real action happens. And don't worry - you ll have time to update your relationship status once you find out he's been fucking your best mate that perhaps doesn't have Twitter, nor gag reflex either) You see, we are all guilty. So what's gonna be today? As for me, I'm personally going to go ahead and post an astonished face because of some political present outcry - and god knows my indignation, as well as my rant, will be furious here on real time social life.

Oh, you can bet on that! Gian

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