#Life on Socials as we know it

It all starts from here, now. The other way around, you see. As you were supposed to live any other life than this. And it all happened very quickly, really. I mean, I remember one day I've been like - living my life in the same way I had till then - and the day after I say let me see what the fuss is all about. I registered myself to Facebook. Not that I cared much, at first - like anyone else. We all already had a profile on Myspace or Netlog or something. But that was something different, and looking backward you can almost feel it - a silent re(in)volution. Our private life became more public, and our public life became more private - curled on our phone.

Uploading our status.

Updating our life - a picture at the time. We shifted toward a split reality, a duality we are now slowly learning how to deal with, and our world shifted with us. We live in a real-time, sensationalist era, where the news became fueled by likes and shares and we had to choose our own news.

We now get to decide what's relevant, click after click of viral connection. A inter-connected, self-fulfilled world, where what is truly important is what you - like. We get to choose our own reality, one app at the time, shaping our real world through our virtual one. It all starts from here, now, you see. From this very click. Our life, constantly chasing after our Social life.

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