Smooth #1 BEST SELLER in its own category in the UK CHART

"I turn my eyes out of the glass, fast, real fast, and turn to it again with a quick movement of my neck and still I'm not able to catch it – to freeze the moment.

That moment – when everything happens.


I don't usually drink coffee on morning, but when I do, make sure I mean business! So this morning I filled up my cup with dark, steaming coffee and determination.

A smile on my face as I sip it.

A few days from its release, and #Smooth has reached #best-seller status in its own category already.

That's a huge accomplishment on its own.

You know what would be even a bigger accomplishment?

If I could finally give up caffeine for good.

How do you fix things when they start to go wrong? Armed with quantum physics and a twisted moral sense, self-conscious delusional Jack has found a way to revolutionize his life and the world around him, - fighting back the shadow of his now ex-girlfriend. All it takes is a video camera, a mysterious package – and one last leap of faith. There is no going back. This time – it's once and for all.

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