existentialist philosophy

EXPHILO by Gian Andrea

January 22, 2017

Art has never been static.

By definition, - according to the Oxford Dictionary, Art takes form of

“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily...

January 22, 2017

INTI says YES !
In one of my recent travels I had the pleasure of coming across one of the best work of INTI - one of the greatest Graffiti Artist around.
He has recently become the ambassador of South American STREET ART WORLDWIDE and his work can be seen dominating t...

January 21, 2017

I recently wrote an article about how we're all going to have to learn how to live in this new reality made-up by our new virtual-social life as well as the old-fashioned-real life. One point more than anyone else deserves to be highlighted - the raising necessity of n...

January 21, 2017

Maybe dark age is a bit too exaggerated - I give you that. 

Still, something out of ordinary happened just a week ago, that got me think. And people you know, when I think I always end up not trusting myself entirely (it must be cause of childhood traumas or whatever) b...

January 12, 2017

It all starts from here, now.
The other way around, you see. As you were supposed to live any other life than this.
And it all happened very quickly, really.
I mean, I remember one day I've been like - living my life in the same way I had till then - and the day after...

January 8, 2017

After a long sleepless night I eventually got to the conclusion that the first, true, philosopher, - the one that got the ball rolling, -must have been the first man that stopped doing something and actually thought at what he is was doing.
Beyond any automatic, self-s...

January 7, 2017

Better article of this one have probably already been written on the subject. Many of them, I'm sure.

And with good reason, too.

So I won't be bothering you to death about Climate Change, the filthy Dairy Industry, what's about killing and eating another living creature...

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